In times gone by, gin has not been treated with the respect it deserves. The unique flavours of the spirit were muted in a sea of fizzy water and an abundance of over-powering citrus. Thankfully, awareness in the subtle goodness of gin is now on the menu and the versatility of Pin Gin ensures that mixes and cocktails involving the spirit are as numerous as your imagination can take them.
Take a good pour of Premium Pin Gin, twist or slice of orange (twist gives more essence and sweetness!). Throw in a cinnamon stick for a spicy edge. Winter warming at it's most finest! We love this topped up with a classic Fever-Tree Indian Tonic water. For a real edge, try the new Franklin & Sons Black Olive & Rosemary Tonic!
For when you just don't fancy a gin and tonic, but you bloody love Pin Gin! 

Get yourself a nice big tumbler, a bit of ice if you like and pour in a good healthy measure of Pin Gin. Top up with Fever-Tree Ginger Ale which is nice and spicy! You can leave this as it is or garnish with something nice and warm like some dried root ginger or cinnamon. 

Enjoy your Pin & Ginger! 

Pin Gin
Copa De Balon Glass
50ml Pin Gin London Dry
Cubed Ice
Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water
Slice of Naval Orange

Take a Pin Gin Balon glass, fill with cubed ice and pour in your Pin Gin. Add in a slice of the juiciest Naval Orange (you can use any orange, but the Navals are really juicy!). Then pour over a premium Indian Tonic Water, we like the citrus flavours of Fever-Tree. Enjoy your award winning Pin & Tonic. If you like a herby finish, then throw in a sprig of Rosemary! This will really hit you on the nose! 
Warm some St Botolph's Pure Apple Juice in a pan. Add in a spoonful of honey, a handful of star anise, cloves and dried ginger. When it's nice and warm, pour in a glug of Pin Gin.  You'll not want to be picking cloves out of your teeth, so we suggest straining these out when pouring into your chosen vessel! Enjoy your toasty warm Hot Apples!

Our chosen Apple Juice, is from the team at Skidbrooke Cyder Co, they are just a few miles down the road from us - so it seemed logical to use their very tasty juice! 

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